Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Payday Lending: The Scum Also Rises

I've been hoping upon hope, since way back when Elizabeth Warren began her campaign for the Senate, that I'd get to someday vote for a True Progressive for President. I just assumed it would be her. But the moment that Bernie Sanders announced that he was running for President, the first thing I did was put my money where my mouth is and gave until it hurt to Bernie's campaign.

I was part of the first groundswell of support for Bernie and I'm quite proud of that. I've done my best since then to give as much as I could afford to see that he at least had a chance to get the nomination.

But I forgot about two things.

First, the Super Delegates - or, as I like to call them; the Scum that has risen to the top of the Democratic Party. These are folks who, regardless of the will of the American people, vote for whoever they feel like voting for. I mean, we all know that our politicians are in the pockets of big business, on both sides of the aisle. Yet we sit still and let those very same politicians and their minions cast a delegate ballot that, on average, represents 21,000 votes. There are 712 Super Delegates, so anyone running against the status quo - like Bernie Sanders -  has to overcome a block equivalent to fifteen million - that's 15,000,000 -  votes cast by American citizens registered as Democrats.

People may say, "but Steve, they don't all vote the same way, do they?" And of course, the answer is no, they don't. For example, of the 712 Super Delegates this year, 455 are for Hilary and 22 are for Sanders. 235 are undecided. That's why Clinton's delegate lead of 546 to 87 is Yuge! We the American People only gave her 101 by way of our votes in those states that have held their primaries and caucuses. But the Party Elite have given her a 6 to 1 lead instead of the 1.6 to 1 lead We the American People intended.

So much for Democracy from the Democratic Party.

But you don't read a lot about this stuff, these Super Delegates. If you Google it, you'll see that there have been several stories written about this issue in the Democratic Party. But none of them get the play in the media that, say, the news that African American voters in South Carolina resoundingly rejected Bernie Sanders in favor of Clinton, to the tune of 87% for Clinton, 13% for Sanders.

17.8 million African Americans voted in 2012. According to Pew Research Center, 80% of African Americans vote Democrat. So, if all 14,240,000 African American Democrats voted in the next election, and the South Carolina percentages held in every state, Clinton would win 12,500,000 of those votes.

Still less than the Super Delegates will lay at her feet.

So, what's Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Payday Lenders have to do with all of this? Because it occurred to me this morning, while reading the news, that the reason the Chair of the Democratic National Committee felt it was okay to sponsor a bill that would gut the Payday Lending laws was because the election's over, folks.

Clinton has already won. By virtue of the Super Delegates on the one hand, and that she's running against a xenophobic lunatic on the other. When the Chair of the Democratic National Committee leans so far into Republican territory that she will support the most predatory of the industries that slime their way through the halls of Congress, offering wads of tainted cash stolen from the poor in exchange for sponsorship of bills just like this, then Democracy and the Democratic Party are dead.

I'm reminded of a couple of great lines from Bullworth, when he was addressing the congregation of an African American church in Compton

Woman in Congregation: Are you sayin' the Democratic party don't care about the African-American community?

Bullworth: Isn't that OBVIOUS? You got half your kids out of work and the other half are in jail. Do you see ANY Democrat doing anything about it? Certainly not me! So, what are you gonna do? Vote Republican? Come on. Come on! You're not gonna vote Republican...

And Bullworth was right. We're not going to vote Republican.

But it occurs to me that, once again, I have to change my party affiliation from Democrat back to Independent.

You know, I voted for Ralph Nader, and many people blame folks like me for the rise of George Bush. And maybe, between now and November rank and file Democrats will wake up to the fact that they have absolutely no control over the choice of their candidate, no matter how many of them fund that candidate's campaign, and in particular, no matter how many of them do something as quaint as casting yet another inconsequential ballot for their choice, and knowing that the endless supply of money brought on by Citizens United can never be offset by their puny contributions, no matter how many million of them donate - plus the Ace-in-the-Hole backstop of Super Delegates - maybe, just maybe that disaffected electorate will decide to vote for an independent who might just pop up between now and then.

And yes, maybe this is the only real path Donald Drumpf has to the White House.

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